for Documentation and Training Teams


This glossary is intended as a first step to clarify WordPress jargon for both the Documentation Team and Training Team and is currently Work in Progress.

WordPress is a great CMS, but quite complex as well. The WordPress community uses a lot of jargon. And at certain moments words have a different meaning. This glossary tries to bring some clarity.

Purpose of this glossary

Many words have more then one meaning or change meaning in another context.

  • Give meaning and alternatives to WordPress jargon
  • Identify ambiguity, create disambiguation, give a proper context
  • Create consistency

Top glossary items


Term Category Definition
editor (disambiguation)
DevHubDeveloper documentation on https://developer.wordpress.org/ (more…)
HelpHubUser documentation on https://wordpress.org/support/
WordPress (disambiguation)WordPress can relate to many things:
  • the software (e.g. You have to download WordPress.)
  • the ecosystem (e.g. Let's build the website in WordPress. Make your WordPress website faster.)
  • the website of the project (e.g. You have to look it up on WordPress.)
  • wordpress.org, the Open Software (e.g. You have to make an account on WordPress to contribute.)
  • wordpress.com, the online publishing platform (e.g. You can make a free website on WordPress.)
  • the community (e.g. You contribute to WordPress.)
Using the word WordPress without a proper context should be avoided.
user (disambiguation)
  • Generally someone who interacts with a website
  • "The target group that the text is written for"
  • An account on a WordPress site
  • A user uses software, often not knowing exactly what kind of software

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